How to Swaddle a Newborn Baby

Experts have been saying for years that putting a blanket or pillow in your infant’s crib is a big no-no, so what’s all this about swaddling then? There’s still a blanket in the crib while your baby is sleeping, right?!? The short answer is yes, but, if done correctly, swaddling can keep your infant feeling warm and secure throughout the night. A good swaddle can help comfort your newborn if he’s fussy since it reminds him of what was his home for the last nine months (the womb). But if you don’t know how to swaddle a newborn baby properly, you could end up endangering your infant. That’s why we’ve created a video:

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Swaddling your infant doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, it’s pretty easy! With a little practice, the right technique can lead to a happy baby and a better night’s sleep for both of you. (Click here for more helpful tips on how to get a newborn to sleep.)

How to Swaddle a Newborn Baby: The Blanket

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The secret to a good swaddle is the blanket. A swaddle blanket is used to wrap your baby up warm and cozy, and give him a sense of security in his new surroundings. Remember, your infant spent the last 9 months in a warm, dark, cramped space, so swaddling brings him back to his roots. It feels like home.

Swaddling blankets tend to be larger than other baby blankets. They’re square to make finding the center easier, and the breathable material makes them safer for your newborn. If you need swaddling blankets, you can find them here. (These are the same ones my wife and I use with our newborn.)

How to Swaddle a Newborn Baby: Step-by-Step Instructions

Before we begin, you’ll need a flat surface and a swaddling blanket.

  1. Lay the blanket out in the shape of a diamond in front of you, and fold the top corner down to create a straight edge.
  2. While being careful to support your newborn’s head and neck, place her on her back in the center of the blanket with the straight edge you created even with her shoulders.
  3. Using your left hand,gently position your newborn’s left arm down by her side.
  4. Without letting go of her arm, take the left corner of the blanket in your right hand and fold it over your newborn’s chest, tucking it under her right side.
  5. Next, using your left hand to steady your baby, use your right hand to pull the bottom corner up and tuck it under baby’s right side. Don’t make this one too tight. Leave a little wiggle room for your infant’s feet and legs.
  6. Now, use your right hand to gently position your infant’s right arm by her side.
  7. Then, taking the right corner of the blanket in your left hand, wrap it snugly around your baby until there is no excess blanket left in hand.Image of how to swaddle a newborn baby

And voilà! Your baby is now securely swaddled and you can rest easier knowing he’s safe and comfortable.

Now, if swaddling just isn’t your baby’s thing, try using these footed sleepers from Carters to keep him warm and cozy. My wife and I use them every night for both our kids.

How to Swaddle a Newborn Baby: The Takeaway

Swaddling can be tricky at first, but, like anything, all it takes is a little practice. Just follow the steps outlined above and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Remember, if your swaddle is too loose, your baby could end up with the blanket over his mouth and nose, so be careful to wrap him tightly enough so that his arms are secure but his legs have a little more room to move.

And that’s it! We hope you enjoyed our post on how to swaddle a newborn baby. Tell us about your swaddling experience. Is your baby like our son who loved to be swaddled, or like our daughter who only likes it if one of her arms is left free?

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